Welcome! To my home on the net!
Here you will read some of my poems, and short stories in which I have written
about animals, Family, and Friends.
Feel free to light a candle for any kind of animal that has
passed away along with a photo.
I do hope you will enjoy your visit!
Thank you for your visit!

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The Dove of Peace
I came upon it on a site one October day.
I thought it was so great to also pass along the way.

The Dove of peace does not belong to anyone.
It flies from site to site to spread peace to everyone.

To my knowledge it does not belong to any belief association.
To spread a little peace, and cheer for me it is easy not an occupation.

It flies from country to country, and state to state.
With not one part in its body capable of hate.

If you can pass it along to a country that is having a lot of discord.
Who knows hopefully one day their countries can be in accord.

Please take the picture at the bottom of my page, and send it to another, or place it on your site.
It has no trouble flying day, and night.

Help the Dove of peace travel throughout the land.
It only takes a moment to click on it with the help of your hand.

Eve Smith 2016

Freedom Of Speech
Freedom of speech is not a gift we have it because of blood, sweat, and tears.
We are able to say, or write whatever we like, and state all of our fears.

Blood that was shed on the battlefields, oceans, and in the sky.
The bravery that they shown to this day still makes me cry.
Sweat that they shed from building bridges to keeping vehicles running.

When it came to getting parts that were needed they had to be cunning.
Tears that were shed by friend's, lover's, brother's, sister's, husband's, and wife's.
So we, and other countries could have freedom they paid for it with their lives.

On me they all have made a large impact.
Thanks to them I have the freedom to state this as a fact.

I'm grateful for all the sacrifices they went, and are going through.
I know out of the millions that are grateful I am just one of the few.
On those days when I think what a wonderful world I try not to forget just how it got that way.
It was earned with blood, sweat, and tears not given away.
©Eve Smith 2016

With some of my poems you may not agree.
That's just one thing that makes the world so special to me.

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Here Is The Dove Picture For You To Take.
Just click on the dove to downloade it.

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